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"Bowl -1 Grand Prix" voting results

Warranty6Year4Month20Sunday (Sat),21Sunday (Sun)63It was held in conjunction with the Time and the pottery festival

"Young writer city in Seto2024We will announce the results of the "bowl -1 Grand Prix" conducted in!


The first place was the same rate, with Fuka Yamakawa's "fat dog bowl" and Sakurako's "Invited Cat Bowl bowl".

this time,130The name buyer was voted. Thank you for your participation.

We will receive the first place bowl of two people by lottery from among those who have voted, so please look forward to it!
* Winners' announcements will be replaced by sending gifts.


■ What is a bowl -1 Grand Prix?

"Young writer city in Seto2024This is a plan to exhibit the "bowl" of the exhibitors at each booth and have the buyers vote.

Thanks for the fact that Toshiro, Fujiro, visited the high -quality soil in Seto, and dedicated a pair of komainu Shrine to Fukagawa Shrine, we had a komainu dog on the theme of "bowl (one)". It was implemented to make the exhibitor's work widely known.


"Fat dog bowl" work: Fuka Yamakawa


"Invised cat bowl tea bowl": Sakurako