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About the recruitment of the Seto -Yaki Promotion Vision Promotion Project for the 6th year

We are looking for a business to concretely realize the goals listed in the Seto -Yaki Promotion vision based on the Seto -Buri -Buri Promotion Vision Promotion Project Promotion Business Details.

◎ Recruitment deadline

Ordians February 2, 1965 (Friday) 5:00 pm * Time is strict

◎ Application documents

(1) Business plan (2) Budget budget book (3) Articles of incorporation, rules, etc. (voluntary group only) ④ Member / group list (voluntary group only)

◎ Distribution destination and application form submission

Seto Burnpings Association Secretariat (Seto City Making Commercial Promotion Division)

1 Planning period
5 years from October 4th year to FY2018
2 Basic goal
"Improvement of pottery Seto's production area"
3 Goals and directions to be aimed
・ Running the top in the yakimono market that can create [human] and [things]
・ Production of pigments loved and selected by consumers (business development with approach from consumer perspective)
・ Efforts focusing on [human] and [things]
4 Basic policy
A. Seto -yaki and the value and charm of the production area Axing B Technology / Traditional succession, training C enhancement of the power to earn

* For details, please see the Seto City website.

◆ The target business
① Members of the Seto Burnpings Promotion Association
(2) A group consists of small and medium -sized enterprises (small and medium -sized enterprises prescribed in Article 2 of the Basic Law of SMEs) trying to implement a vision promotion project. However, the group is composed of three or more companies, of which two -thirds or more small and medium -sized enterprises must have a business in Seto City.

◆ Applications and issues for contributions
・ A group that intends to receive the contribution shall submit the president of the Seto Burnpion Promotion Association by the prescribed date, accompanied by the attached documents to the payment of the burden grant (Form No. 1). For specific application procedures, please check the "Seto Burning Promotion Vision Promotion Project Promotion Project Dendary Dendary Details".
・ The submitted application will be judged by the president of the Seto Burnpings Promotion Association, and will be approved at the Seto Burnpion Promotion Association General Association for the appropriate business, and will be issued within the budget.

◆ Target expenses for contributions
・ Among the expenses required for the vision promotion project, the following expenses
[Rehearup, travel expenses, consumable expenses, printed books, telecommunications transportation expenses, insurance premiums, commissions, commissions, rent, raw materials, etc.

◆ Others
・ Members and groups who have applied will provide explanations about the business plan at the 3rd Seto Yaki Promotion Association, which will be held around mid -February 1966.


瀬戸焼振興ビジョン推進事業負担金 交付申請までの流れ.pdf