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"Bowl -1 Grand Prix" voting results


Subsi We will announce!
The first place was Toranosuke Sakaguchi's "Ice Fissure Into".

This time, 103 buyers voted. Thank you for your participation.
We will give you the first place bowl of one person by lottery from among those who have voted, so please look forward to it!
* Winners' announcements will be replaced by sending gifts.

■ What is a bowl -1 Grand Prix?
This is a plan for buyers to vote in each booth, a bowl of the "Young Weaker City 2023" exhibitors, at each booth.
Thanks for the fact that Taiga -ancestor, Rattan Shiro, visited the high -quality soil in Seto, and dedicated a pair of komain dogs at Fukagawa Shrine, exhibited the komainu under the theme of "bowl (one)". It was implemented to make the exhibitor's work widely known.

"Bowl -1 Grand Prix" voting results