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Akazu is located east of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.

From the foot of Mt. Sanuto, the high -quality wooden necisy clay and frog clay are mine and developed as an industry.

The technology and ingenuity inherited by potters are also used in the charm of today's "potatoes".

Ash glaze (Kaiyu), Kozeto, iron glaze, Oribe, Shino (Shino), Kiseo (Kiseoto), and Okai. It is Akazu ware in collective term for seven glaze.

In addition, a work drawn with Kureusu is said to be Seto Dyeing, and it has been designated by the country as a traditional crafts, and these vessels are distributed to department stores and specialty stores. In addition to the promotion of Seto ware, we introduce "fun" and decorated "potatoes" to see, use, decorate.


10 Akatsu-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi 489-0022

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10 Akatsu-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi 489-00220561-82-6765

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5 minutes by car from Seto Akazu Interchange, 1 minute walk from the Omatsu bus stop on the Meitetsu bus, 15 minutes from Owari Seto Station

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