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1960s: Influenced by the golden age of the Scandinavian design, many studios were set up in Seto.
The founder of the Kashiwa kiln, Toshiyuki Iwako, opened in the cave area in 1965.
At that time, in Seto, white porcelain novelty was in its heyday, but it was developed over two years of red soil, which causes subtle distortion and a kiln that changes the kiln with reduction firing. I made a figurine centered on animal motifs.

2006: Hisato Iwazuke became the second generation. We have been working on new designs and reprints, along with the same manufacturing method since our founding. The new one gets older over time, and the old one feels new again. It expresses the beauty of aging that is protected, created, and raised in a wrinkle kiln.

32 Higashi-dongcho, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture 489-0841

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