Maruichi Kokubu Shoten Co., Ltd.

Kabushiki Gaisha Maruichikokubushoten

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画像:株式会社 丸一国府商店
画像:株式会社 丸一国府商店
画像:株式会社 丸一国府商店
画像:株式会社 丸一国府商店
画像:株式会社 丸一国府商店

At the end of the Meiji era, together with the opening of Setoden (now the Meitetsu Seto Line), the porcelain wholesale business started operating porcelain in front of Owari Seto Station as a branch of Maruichi Shoten (the head office is Higashi -ku, Nagoya City).

The building of the four -layer with a gazebo is very unusual for a merchant, and it is imagined that it was built to invite Naruse, an investor, Inuyama Castle.

It is handed down to the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and Ordinance, and as a pottery store, it is still a souvenir and gift of Seto, and from home tableware to restaurants and stores nationwide. We are going actively.

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41 Sakaemachi, Seto City, Aichi 489-0044

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41 Sakaemachi, Seto City, Aichi 489-00440561-82-2055

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1 minute walk from Owari Seto Station

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