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We will hold "Seto's young writer 2024"

At the Seto -Yaki Promotion Association, in conjunction with the "63rd Seto -ancestor Festival", "Seto's young writer city2024"It will be held.

This year, which will be held for the 10th time this year, a young pottery and glass writer who has a connection with Seto.22set24I will exhibit the name.

In addition, we will also hold a “bowl -1 Grand Prix”, which will be popular for those who purchase the product in the venue to vote for the “bowls” recommended by the exhibitors, and to present the first -place products by lottery.

Please come and visit us.


[Date and time] Ordinea

[Location] Blue Square
* It is located on the Memorial Bridge Kitazume, the north side of Seto (1-1-1 Seto -shi).
* In the stormy weather, it will be held in the Setozo outdoor space.


  • Pottery writer

Nobuaki Ashikawa / Tomoya Ando / Natsuki Ukai / Sayumi Kawai / Rina Kawai / Miyako Tang / Nariko Matsuki /

Akika Kibushi / Sakurako / Aiko Sato / Tsugumi Takahashi / Makoto Takeyu / Kenaku Harada /haruharu

87 Tsuyuki / Fuka Yamakawa / Shogo Yoshida /Amber RoseAsakura Pottery

indigoWindDesign SugawaraReligionkoWAMRATORY &Kinoshita Aizuki


  • Glass writer

Left Gaku / Sasaki Shin


* The "Sato -ancestor Festival" is a festival in memory of the pottery, Fujiro (Kato Shiro Saemon Keimasa).4Earliest3Sunday and the day before2It will be held for a day.

In addition to pottery memorial services, a young writer in Seto, where young writers related to Seto City are exhibiting and selling a porcelain market, and experiences of making dogs for children and adults.Seto wareYou can see, buy, and experience.