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"Yakimono World 2023" will be held!


The Seto Burnpings Promotion Association will exhibit at the Yakimono World 2023 as a part of the business that promotes the Seto -yaki Promotion Vision, a pottery industrial promotion guideline in Seto City!

"Yakimono World" is the successor event of the Dome Yakimono World, one of the leading pottery fair in Japan, which was held 11 times in Nagoya Dome until 2016. This time, the 17th time, as the previous time, it will be held at the Dolphins Arena (Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium), which is close to Nagoya Castle so that many customers can enjoy it in a comfortable environment.

17 businesses from Seto City will exhibit, and will widely tell visitors the charm of Seto ware through the exhibition and sale of yakimono.

In addition, the Seto -Yaki Promotion Association and the Seto City Cultural Promotion Foundation will work together to perform the “Japan Heritage Town Seto City”. At the booth, we will exhibit works related to the Japanese heritage six -old kiln and traditional Seto ware.

In addition, a new artist exhibition "Rookie Artist Exhibition" will be held to propose a new charm of a newcomer in local production areas. From Seto City, three people, Rie Nakayama, Choi Yunjeong, and Kiko Inoko, a trainee of Seto Dyeing, will be exhibited from Seto City.

"Yakimono World 2023" A4 flyer