Seto novelty

What is seto Novelty What is Setonovelty?

Porcelain and decoration products made in Seto, decorative items,
The doll is called "Setonovelty" and is collectively called "novelty", which is collectively called pottery figurines and ornaments.
In the pottery of Seto, known as one of the Japanese six old kilns,
Introducing "Setonovelty", a variety of lineups that have been highly evaluated overseas with elaborate modeling and delicate paintings.

Feature Features of Setonovelty

  • Sophisticated shape
  • With delicate painting / decoration
  • Various product lineup
  • Can be produced from small to large products
  • Various materials (pottery, white clouds, semi -porcelain, bone china, 炻 炻, porcelain, etc.)
  • Finished from mat to clearing
  • Molding by gypsum
  • Production system by division of labor (prototype production, plaster production, molding, painting, firing, etc.)

Flow Setonovelty manufacturing process

Set Novelty is a broad production process in about eight divisions.

1. prototype

We make a prototype for producing gypsum molds. The design of the product design (plane) is created in a three -dimensional manner to complete the prototype. The complex shape is made to decompose for each part, make gypsum, and to shrink after firing.

2. Mechanism

There are three types of gypsum types: "main type (sample type)" (for prototype), "case type" (for storage), and "used type" (for product).
First, we make a "main type (sample type)" based on the prototype. Next, based on this "main type (sample type)", we will create a "case type" for creating a used type. Then, based on this type of use, we will create a "use type" for producing products.
By passing through this series of gypsum -type production, it is possible to mass -produce products.

3. Cast -containing molding

Pour mud -shaped clay (mud -like) into gypsum type (used type) and mold it. Using gypsum -type water absorption, leave the time until the product is needed for the product, then discard the mud (mud). After a while after the mud, the water inside is absorbed by the gypsum type, shrinks slightly and becomes stiff, so you can take it out smoothly from the type.
In order to create a uniform product, the skills by experience, such as the speed, time, etc. of the soil, depending on the shape, season, weather, etc. of the product.


4. Finishing / unglazed

The clay (burr) protruding from the base from the mold is shaved, and the parts are combined. After that, bake the dried base. The clay (burr) protruding from the base from the mold is shaved, and the parts are combined. After that, bake the dried base.

5. With a drainage

Painting on the unglazed base (unglazed base) using a pigment that can withstand firing at high temperatures. The unglazed fabric is easy to absorb moisture and cannot wipe it off, so work quickly and carefully.

6. Glaze

Utilizing the water absorption of the base, the base is passed through the glaze (glaze). Glazing makes it difficult to get dirt, giving you glossy, waterproof and strength.

7. Grilled

Heats and fires a glaze or unrighted base.

8. With a picture

Color on the base after burying with upper paint. Spray the pigment using a spray injection device in the shaded and wide area. We may use transfer paper or use lacquer processing. You can add a variety of colors than under painting and express detailed drawing.
After coloring, when fired at low temperature again, it will develop and the product will be completed.

9. Inspection / shipment

Photo Gallery Photo gallery

There are many kinds of novelty, ancient dolls, figurines such as animals and birds, characters, Souvenirs (sightseeing spots),
Cases, walls, makeup equipment, highly decorative dishes, etc. are also diverse, such as porcelain, half porcelain, white clouds, and bone china.
The Setonovelty, which was established by using traditional technology and excellent raw materials given to Seto, is a representative of Seto.

Before the party (pair)
(Maruyama Pottery Co., Ltd.)

Phalaenopsis orchid (Maruri Shokai Co., Ltd.)

Duck (Daito Sanshin Co., Ltd.)

Princess Ann
(Tehei Nagoya Doll Pottery Co., Ltd.)

Before the party (pair)
(Maruyama Pottery Co., Ltd.)



画像:光和陶器 8頭立て馬車


画像:サグラダ・ファミリア ランプスタンド

サグラダ・ファミリア ランプスタンド

画像:七本松株式会社 白馬


画像:光和陶器 白頭鷲



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