Kane San Shoten Co., Ltd.

Kabushikikai Shakanesan Shoten

Shinano district
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We were founded as a producer in Meiji 26 and mainly handled Seto ware.

The pottery distributed in Seto has a variety of shapes, painting and techniques, as well as dishes, as well as dishes such as invited cats.

In the modern world, yakimono is common in everyday life, and it may not feel novel, but we still think that we still have the charm, how to enjoy it, and how to enjoy it. Masu.

I want you to feel the charm of Japanese potatoes overflowing in Seto. With such thoughts, we are planning a product in cooperation with the pottery.


555 Nakashinno-cho, Seto City, Seto City, Aichi 480-1218

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555 Nakashinno-cho, Seto City, Seto City, Aichi 480-12180561-41-0033

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