Only one pottery class

Only one geikyo shitsu

Shinano district
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オンリーワン 陶芸教室
オンリーワン 陶芸教室
画像:オンリーワン 陶芸教室
オンリーワン 陶芸教室
オンリーワン 陶芸教室

The motto is to help our customers' important memories, but not only will you have fun experiences, but the experience in the only one pottery class is until the professional finishes and carefully baked works arrive safely. is. I try to treat each and every one of them, so that they are good to come.

I try to make it easy to enjoy from the first person, small children and elderly people. There is no scary teacher, so please come with confidence.

Please do not hesitate to bring a stroller and attend. Please note that we have refused to bring pets in principle.


296 kiln town, Seto City, Aichi 480-1219

telephone number

296 kiln town, Seto City, Aichi 480-12190561-41-0135

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Tarokuro, painting, handy, tatara, etc. (Invited cat, owl, rabbit, etc.)
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Reservation required (not possible on the day)
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Reservation from HP

Regular holiday

Monday (the next Tuesday for holidays)


Yes (8 units)


Please get off at the Meitetsu Seto Line "Owari Seto Station" and get off at the city's core bus (Meitetsu bus) at the "Sakagami" on the Shinno Line. About 15 minutes on foot from the bus stop to the workshop

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There are many people who are lost on the road, so please refer to the video below.

It is smooth if you search for "Only One Ceramics Class Parking Lot" on Google Maps.